Recording Studio located in Boulder, Colorado. Brandon is a top audio engineer, music producer, recording engineer in Colorado. He works in ‘Studio B,’ a state-of-the-art mixing/mastering suite and recording studio.

Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado. About Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Brandon is an in-demand audio engineer and music producer based in Boulder, Colorado. His signature mixes quickly gained notoriety among recording studios and artists in the Front Range, earning him a position as the lead music engineer at Coupe Studios Music & Sound Design. Brandon now works as an independent producer/engineer with artists, labels, and production companies throughout the United States.Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado. 

A musician himself, Brandon brings experience from both sides of the glass to everything he does. For over a decade, he has studied what makes songs succeed from a sonic and emotional perspective. Drawing from that knowledge, along with his strong roots in songwriting and skills as a creative, detail-oriented mixer, Brandon crafts outstanding works that move people—taking your music to a whole new level. 

No matter the scope of the project, Brandon is dedicated to polishing songs to make them unforgettable and irresistible, infusing the massive sonics of Billboard charting tracks into every production. His instantly recognizable mixes have that huge, top-20 sound you’ll love.

Brandon works out of the exclusive ‘Studio B,’ his state-of-the-art recording studio and mixing suite. He also has deep relationships with numerous commercial recording studios and can easily secure large tracking rooms when needed.Brandon Calano

Brandon Calano Tweaking A SSL EQ at Coupe Studios Music & Sound Design Recording Studio

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

—Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Services Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Recording / Production

Need a cutting producer/engineer with golden ears and superb taste? I’m your guy. Let’s have fun and create amazing music together.


Where does your song rank in the charts? You need an expertly crafted mix to break through. Send me your tracks, and I’ll unleash the story within.


My ears are tuned to enhance your songs for hit potential. I can elevate your mixes to new heights—and beyond. Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

A list of services provided at Studio B (a recording studio located in Boulder, Colorado). These services are performed by Brandon Calano (an audio engineer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and music producer).

 Selected Discography Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

One Heartbeat
Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Dallas Thornton
Drum Recording
Taylor Tuke
Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Eric Dorr
Mixing, Mastering
The Robin Lyn Band
Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Meghan Lynch
Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Public Safety
Remix, Remaster
Con Brio
Vocal Recording
Taylor Tuke
Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Mixing, Mastering
Deep Pocket Thieves
Mixing, Mastering
Ariel Saponar
Production, Recording, Mixing
Music recorded in Studio B (a recording studio located in Boulder, Colorado).

Before and After Examples Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Taylor Tuke
Demo to Final Mix
Meghan Lynch
Demo to Final Mix
Music recorded in Studio B (a recording studio located in Boulder, Colorado).

Testimonials Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Pushing The Boundaries of Possibility

    "Upon shaking Brandon’s hand for the first time, one can trust that they are embarking on a journey complete with loyal friendship, trustworthy collaboration and an ever-steady flow of passion and inspiration.

    With a portfolio of stunning achievements so early in his career, he leaves the world of music eagerly anticipating the infinite growth in both his personal and professional environments.

    Brandon carries himself with a humble demeanor and an air of youthfulness, complemented by an ambitious work ethic and a courageous will to take creative risks in order to push the boundaries of possibility. Brandon is committed to shaping fantastic dreams into heavily impactful realities."

    Pushing The Boundaries of Possibility
    Taylor Tuke
  • An Absolute Joy

    "Working with Brandon Calano was an absolute joy. From the very beginning, he could see the vision I had for my original song and knew what elements to add to make it better than I imagined. Whether lending his impressive vocals, layering a track with guitar, or fine tuning a mix, there really isn’t anything he can’t do.

    Through his professionalism and incredible ear, Brandon is very easy to work with. Although my track has a country-pop vibe, Brandon is no stranger to working within a variety of genres. He will go above and beyond to make sure your final track is something you love. With the help of his musical expertise, my debut single will be played on one of Boston’s hit radio stations.

    Recording with Brandon at Coupe Studios was such a memorable experience and I can assure you there is no one better fit to produce your next musical project."

    An Absolute Joy
    Meghan Lynch
  • Second To None

    "Working with Brandon was a pleasure. His technical skills, work ethic and 'bedside manner' were second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to take any future projects to him."

    Second To None
    Jonathan Kirchner
  • Passionate Producer

    "I have been fortunate to work with Brandon on many sessions. He is a passionate producer, engineer and person. I have been most impressed by his ability to adapt quickly to sessions that change direction. Brandon is a quick thinker who keeps the session moving forward and always achieves great results."

    Passionate Producer
    Brian McRae
    Session Drummer
  • He Anticipated My Needs Before I Knew I Had Them

    "I recorded a solo guitar CD with Brandon.  I've been in the studio a handful of times to help others with their projects, but never to do my own.  Brandon's easy-going manner coupled with his obvious mastery of the many technical details put me right at ease. He anticipated my needs before I knew I had them, and made the whole recording process a pleasure."

    He Anticipated My Needs Before I Knew I Had Them
    Stephen Bondy
    Classical Guitarist & Teacher
  • Phenomenal Ears

    "Brandon not only has a phenomenal ear for mixing and crafting tracks but is also very easy and fun to work with. He is easily one of the best around!"

    Phenomenal Ears
    AJ Fullerton
  • Fulfilling A Dream

    "Recording with Brandon at Coupe Studios not only enhanced my knowledge of the recording process but most importantly, allowed me to embrace my passion and get songs out there despite any preconceived doubts I had in myself. One step closer to fulfilling a dream."

    Fulfilling A Dream
    Fiona Anderson
  • Quick and Fluid

    "Brandon helped me revive and polish a project originally done on a Roland VS-880. With his deep knowledge of editing and recording, he was able to apply creative solutions to the challenge of moving my original digital tracks to his studio environment.

    In addition, Brandon showed real expertise in the recording process; quick and fluid, keeping my expenses to a minimum, and dressing up the final product in a seamless integration of everything I had brought to the table. I would recommend working with Brandon!"

    Quick and Fluid
    Jonathan Machen
    Musician & Artist
  • Top Notch Guy

    "I'm a professional narrator from New York City recording in Boulder, CO where I now live. The first time I worked with Brandon, I was immediately impressed by his engineering skills, as he adapted to the process necessary for audiobook projects with efficiency and professionalism. I also found his skills extended to having an excellent ear for story and nuance.

    I grew to trust him to catch not only technical glitches but also to listen for inconsistencies and weigh in on performance choices in a way that a director might support an actor.  Most valuable of all, his demeanor and communication style is never intrusive, overbearing or inappropriate. His technical abilities are excellent, and as a problem solver, he seems to be capable of mastering almost anything regarding audio engineering and music production!  Top notch guy with a lot of integrity."

    Top Notch Guy
    Nany Wu
  • Open, Thoughtful and Aware

    "Brandon is a highly skilled audio recording professional and I enjoyed working with him. His openness, thoughtfulness and awareness of the recording technologies and software made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable."

    Open, Thoughtful and Aware
    Lauri Poldre
    Sound Healer
  • Knowledgeable and Professional

    "My recording session with Brandon was a breeze! He is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with; I look forward to my next session with him!"

    Knowledgeable and Professional
    Jennifer Burks
    Classical Singer
    Jennifer Burks

Rates/pricing. Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.


Contact for Estimate (Billed Hourly)
Because this process varies so much with each project, I need your input to provide an accurate estimate. Please send me the information requested below.


Contact for Quote (Flat Rate/Song)
Includes a radio-ready mix and two revisions. Mastering is included at no extra charge for singles but not for LPs or EPs. Subsequent revisions are billed hourly.


Contact for Quote (Flat Rate/Song)
Includes an exceptional master, sequencing, topping and tailing of files, one revision, DDP creation and quality control upon approval. Additional revisions are billed hourly.
  • ♦ Are you working independently or with a record label?

    ♦ Instrumentation—who do you play with and what do they play?

    ♦ Do you need session musicians?

    ♦ Number of songs (ordered from most to least favorite)

    ♦ Approximate song length (in minutes)

    ♦ Send a rough demo of your songs (could be a simple phone voice memo and it doesn’t have to be good quality, but I need something)

    ♦ Lyrics (if written)

    ♦ Previously recorded material (if available)

    ♦ Videos of you performing live (if available)

    ♦ Do you already have a producer?

    ♦ Do you have charts/lead sheets for your songs?

    ♦ Deadline?

    ♦ Where are you located?

  • ♦ Are you working independently or with a record label?

    ♦ Number of songs/song length

    ♦ Number of tracks per song (mixing projects only)

    ♦ At least one reference track, commercial release preferred (send an mp3 or wav file if available)

    ♦ Rough mixes of your songs

    ♦ Previously recorded material (if available)

    ♦ Plan to hire a mastering engineer? If so, anyone in mind?

    ♦ Deadline?

Frequently Asked Questions Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Mixing is the process of combining all your tracks to tell a musical story. To accomplish this, I set balances of individual instruments, pan them in the stereo field, equalize/compress instruments, add creative effects, and inject life into your recordings. Without proper mixing, your tracks will lack the spark needed to compete.

  • Mastering involves enhancing your finished stereo mixes and making sure they’re ready for prime time. A lot of confusion surrounds this process. Here’s the inside scoop: Computers now give engineers the power to use every available tool to craft sensational music. So when I deliver a mix to you, it will be finished—you won’t need to hire someone else to “complete” the song. If we’re working on a single, the final mix I ship to you will be ready to release immediately.

    For LPs and EPs, your songs must flow together fluidly. During the mix, I will get your tracks 99% of the way there, and then we’ll book a dedicated mastering/sequencing session to make sure the sonic journey through your material is seamless. This is always a good idea when you are pressing discs or have a full album’s worth of material.

  • There are benefits to hiring a dedicated mastering engineer, but it’s not their gear you’re purchasing—it’s their ears and their opinions. When the budget allows, I love collaborating with other professionals to utilize their ears and get their perspective. No two people will ever hear something the same way.

    But it’s not always necessary to work with a mastering engineer (especially when you mix with me). In fact, mastering engineers often print my mixes flat simply because the songs are done, and they don’t require extra tweaking.

  • I mix/master out of ‘Studio B,’ my private recording/mixing/overdubbing suite in North Boulder (contact me for an exact address). I also rent out and engineer out of several commercial facilities in the Colorado area.

  • If you’ve got a deadline, I’ll meet it. Even tight ones.

    Here’s my typical workflow:

    MIXING: My work on a single mix usually spans three days.

    Day 1: I prep your song, organize your files, color code your tracks, and prepare to be creative.

    Day 2: I spend 8-10 focused hours crafting your song.

    Day 3: I make tweaks with fresh ears. Once I’m pleased with the mix, I’ll send it to you via Google Drive for feedback/revision notes. In most cases, my clients are thrilled with the mix and request only small changes that we can address in a quick revision session or via email.

    MASTERING: I can turn around an album within three days.

    RECORDING/PRODUCTION: Quality takes time. That said, I’m one of the fastest engineers in the business. I’ve cranked out amazing live records in one day, and I’ve spent three years crafting albums. Often, I find the best way to go about a recording project is to first determine the budget/time constraints—and then figure out how we can maximize our resources to create the best product possible.

  • Send me your material! I’m happy to listen and share my thoughts at no charge.

  • I’ve mixed records tracked in several(!) multi-million dollar facilities and songs recorded in someone’s closet. I’ll always find a way to make your music shine.

  • Absolutely. Not all engineers share my philosophy about printing mastered mixes. Sometimes your tunes will need a little extra polish, but I can always improve any mix you send me. See below for file formats I accept for mastering.

  • Not necessarily. If you are pressing discs, you will want to send a DDP master to Discmakers/Oasis. That’s the only way to ensure your discs will come back from the plant 100% accurate (file reproduction, CD-Text, disc spacing, etc.).

    However, CD production plants now accept WAV files, so those are also sufficient if you can sequence the record yourself.

    I can generate a DDP master with CD-Text for a flat fee, if that’s needed.

  • If you have a Pro Tools session, send me that. If not, send 32bit WAVs or AIFFs without any plugin processing. Of course, if you are using a virtual instrument plugin or something vital to your song, definitely print that. I can work with any sample rate.

    If you are sending WAV/AIFF files, verify that all your tracks start at the same point in the timeline. Here’s a great way to check this: Start a new session and drag the files you plan to send me into the blank session. If everything lines up and the song plays as expected, you’re good to go. If not, I’ll experience the same problem.

    If you need advice on exporting tracks from your DAW, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help.

    Please make sure that mono tracks are indeed sent as mono tracks and stereo tracks are sent as stereo tracks. I also appreciate when people take the time to name tracks so I can get right to work making your music awesome.

    FILE DELIVERY: Google Drive is the best delivery mechanism. Share a zipped folder with If you don’t have Google Drive or sufficient storage space, upload a zipped folder directly to me here: Google Dropbox. Uploading can take a while especially if you have large files. Please wait for the popup message “File Uploaded Successfully.”

    If you would like to deliver via Dropbox, DO NOT share the files using my email. Instead, upload the files to your Dropbox, click “share link,” and then email me that link. I will then be able to download your files.

    If you need to deliver files via FTP, contact me.

  • Send 32bit WAVs or AIFF files. Your tracks can be delivered as multiple mono or stereo interleaved. I prefer interleaved files. And do not change the sample rate.

    Best to send over mixes with 6 dB of headroom (a sample peak no higher than -6 dBFS).

  • If the plugins on your master fader are vital to the mix as it stands or if you inserted them as an artistic decision, then yes, keep them. If you threw some plugins on your master fader because you thought they would improve your song, it’s probably a good idea for you to remove them. If you prefer to send me versions of your mix with and without master bus processing, that’s fine. We can decide together which one to use.

    Please remove peak limiters on your master bus before delivery—unless they are absolutely critical to the mix.

  • Definitely. This topic generates significant debate within the industry. Personally, I side with the audio engineers, preferring not to deliver “loud” records that have little to no dynamics. But when you’re dancing in a club or cruising down the highway listening to music, louder songs almost always sound better than quieter ones.

    Of course, I wouldn’t ever completely “squash” your music. But I will guarantee it is on par with the perceived level of music in the same genre (released in the same year as your album).

    When we do careful A/B studio tests, less compressed/limited versions of songs often sound better and have more punch with less distortion. But average listeners are never going to experience that. They generally listen to music on their iPhone, laptop, hyped Beats headphones and TV, and believe that “louder is better”—within reason. Thus I strive to stay competitive with recent commercial releases.

    Yes, loudness normalization helps with this issue, and as an engineer, I’m relieved. I always pay attention to new specs, so you can rest assured I’ll find the perfect loudness sweet-spot for your tracks based on current standards.

  • Yes, I welcome hearing your input in real time. This works best when I first prepare a mix for you and then we tweak it together in the final stages.

  • ISRC codes (International Standard Recording Code) are identification codes for each song on your recording. They make sales of your music trackable so you can get paid when people buy it through digital retailers like iTunes. I am a registered ISRC vendor and can provide you with these unique codes for a flat fee.

  • The Gracenote database provides album information (artist, song titles, release date, etc.) to the following media players: iTunes, WinAmp, Quintessential Media Player, and Finder (Mac OS), whereas the AllMusic database provides album information to these players: Windows Media Player, Rhapsody, and Real Music Player. AllMusic registration can be completed by following the steps outlined on their website http: //

    Instructions for registering with Gracenote through iTunes:

    1. Open the iTunes store application on your computer.
    2. Insert your CD, but do not import it to your computer.
    3. If you haven’t already, fill out all album information (album name, artist name, album genre, track names, etc.).
    4. Once you’ve done this, highlight all tracks. Then go to the “advanced” drop-down menu and select “submit CD track names.” This will send your data to Gracenote.
    5. Within 24-48 hours, your track names should load when you put your CD into any computer.

  • I store sessions for four months after completion. If you’d like me to store your files longer, I can provide you with an estimate. This is a good idea if you think you’ll need revisions down the road.

    Labels are required to pay a flat rate backup fee.

    Backup fees may apply at commercial studios where I engineer. If you pay these backup fees, your sessions will be stored indefinitely.

    Links to your final delivery will remain active for one year.

  • To get started, I’ll send you an invoice for a 50% deposit. Once you’ve signed off on your mixes, you’ll receive an invoice for the balance. I accept checks made out to Brandon Calano Sound, LLC.

    For record labels, I’ll need a signed PO and a 50% deposit up front.

Contact Brandon Calano Sound is a mixing suite and recording studio in Boulder, Colorado.
+1 720-772-1394
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